iPhone/iPad speedometer - counters reset - the long way

Version 1.5.1 is in its beta right now and here is a description how counters reset works a the moment:

1. In GPS dashboard (currently shows 55.95km as a distance), tap on the current trip label (pointed by yellow arrow):

 Starting from version 1.5.1 you can also tap on the "list" button on the top:

The list of trips and tracks will open:

 Tap on "Edit" button and then on the row with a trip you want to set or reset values for:

Trip edit window will open:

 Here we have current trip counters on top and trip totals beneath them. Tap on the top "DISTANCE" counter reset value to see the reset options:

By picking "Set distance to value" you can set current distance counter to any value: 

 Go through the series of "Done" buttons back to the main screen and you'll see distance counter updated value (20 was entered in this case):

This is it. A few taps are required.