Monday, June 3, 2013

iPhone and iPad Speedometer - version 1.5.1 - What's new?

It has been almost 3 months since we released 1.5.0 and now we are happy to announce that version 1.5.1 has been sent to Apple for review. Even with 10+ new features in 1.5.1 our main focus was to KEEP IT SIMPLE. If you like the app as it is, NOTHING is going to change for you. It is all about having more options.

What's new?

∙∙∙ For all who wanted the map (FREE & FULL Versions) 

This one always looks ahead based either on compass or GPS course and gives you a short breadcrumb tail for better orientation. It is the rightmost dashboard. This "live" map is Google's one and requires internet connection, but only if used. 
Both free and full version provide a trip timer in this dash, iPad's version had enough space to accommodate COMPASS here as well.

Extra options only in FULL version: Ability to show traffic information (based on availability for selected regions). Setting Map to show either in Standard (Street), Satellite or Hybrid mode.

∙∙∙ For sailors and golf cart riders. Ability to show decimal precision speed when it is lower than 100. (FULL version only)

Why? When you move with lower speeds like marines and golf cart riders do, it really makes sense to see decimal speed. As well as for sailors 2.1 knots and 2.9 knots makes a big difference. 

How to switch on: "Advanced Settings>Digits Format>Show decimal dot". 

∙∙∙ For control freaks :) like us. Optional GPS tracking. (FULL version only)

What to highlight? You can track with full GPS log or just with track statistics for trip/track journal. Tracks are organized within Trips, and you can see either all of the tracks for this trip in one place or every track separately. You can name tracks and give them description. 

Here is a link to a complete GPS tracking user guide.

The best way to get to it is to tap on a new "list" button on top, then "Tracks" and "Learn and switch on".

∙∙∙ For drivers in Switzerland who spend 90% of their time driving through the tunnels. Ability to avoid GPS error message popups. (FULL version only)

This one is straightforward. Before, if GPS receiver reported an error we raised a popup saying there is an error. Myself, I see that popup when I enter the garages - once a day. BUT, it turns out drivers in Switzerland enter tunnels 20 times a day and having to dismiss the GPS error popup is really annoying and unsafe. That is why there is an option now: "Advanced Settings>Zero Speed and NO GPS>Show GPS error popups" - to switch error popups off or back on.

∙∙∙ For data savvy geeks :) like us. Ability to show trip counters and totals when speed is equal to zero or there is no GPS signal. (FULL version only)

Why to look at 000 (or almost empty screen if you have "show no leading zeroes" option)? There is more interesting info to look at while you wait for a traffic lights or in a jam!

How to switch on.
"Advanced Settings>Zero Speed and NO GPS>Show trip stats" 

What does it show?
The top row of statistics shows the current counters and below it there are trip totals. So I drive to work every day and trip totals will tell me how much did it take overall, like it could be amazing 30 days during last year... But I reset the counters every time I'm heading to work or back so I can see how long and far it was for that specific route I tried today.

What does this running man mean?
This is time when  I was actually on the move. So if I spent some time in a jam and some on traffic lights - this timer will not count at that time - I'm not moving.  I should stick to the routes with moving time closest to the total time!

∙∙∙ For rally drivers and not only. Ability to set trip distance counter or trip total distance to any value. (FREE & FULL Versions)

But just when we were thinking "this is a cool feature for rally drivers" a request came from our user asking "How can I set a trip distance to my current odometer value?". Totally reasonable! And this feature serves this need as well!

How to use:

∙∙∙ For innocent drivers in the dispute for speeding. A GPS Blackbox, keeping point by point history of your location, speed and altitude for the last 20 minutes*. (FREE & FULL Versions)

This black box is always on and keeps point by point track with time, location, speed and altitude. By default it opens automatically in iPhone's/iPad's Preview, and thus, gives you all of the sharing or viewing options possible.

How to access: "ACT>GPS Blackbox" 

∙∙∙ For tax payers. Ability to export list of your trips and tracks into csv to be sent via email or open in any capable app on your iPhone or iPad directly. (FREE - Trips list export, FULL version - trips and tracks list export)

Goes hand in hand with ability to name your tracks and give them description. Yellow arrow points to a standard sharing button that allows to send a list via email, print or open in any compatible application installed.

∙∙∙ For taxi drivers and passengers. Optional built-in professional taximeter capable of time=money, keeping tariffs and extras handy to apply with few taps. (FULL version only)

This is a serious thing for all taxi drivers that can use non-certified taximeter. Taximeter is capable of having multiple tariffs, can count "time=money" (always or on speeds lower than) and manage trip extras like luggage, pets, etc. But it can be quite handy also for passengers to check if taxi trip cost really corresponds to the declared fare. Here goes the taxi dash user guide: TBD

How to switch on: "Advanced Settings>Cost dashboard" 

∙∙∙ For all who loves to share. You can export and email the whole trip with all its tracks either as a Google Earth archive or a Speedometer archive. With second option, you can then continue your trips on a different device.  (FREE - Export. FULL version - Export/Import)

∙∙∙ For all who read to the end of this list. A trip TIMER! (FREE & FULL Versions) 

We believe many will welcome this! On iPhone you need to tap below “AVG.SPEED” to switch to it:

To switch back to showing average speed, just tap beneath that TIMER label.

No action required on iPad, you'll just see timer there always - there was enough space to fit it in.

This is it for 1.5.1, be sure to read GPS tracking user guide or taximeter user guide in case you need those features and stay tuned, we are not stopping!!

P.S. We know we have debts and promised to provide even more. “Remember HUD lock”, “Alert on speed lower then”, fullscreens, bigger numbers and other functions -your kind reviews and feedback keeps us working hard! You can see what is being cooked for the next version here.


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