Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bad Elf External GPS module and Speedometer - latest news for iOS

Just got a response from John @Bad-Elf for one of our customers experiencing issues with feeding external  GPS data into speedometer or any other GPS apps. Should say I really loved the support from the Bad Elf and would love to test their modules one day.

[Update 27-Feb-2013: Same issue happened to a customer with GARMIN GLO and same solution worked] 

Here is the response, that might help those using Bad Elf modules on iOS6+ until the bug in iOS is fixed:

Hi Stanislav,

I am not familiar with your app, but I don't think this problem is related to it.  I also don't think the issue is related to the changes the user made to the settings on the PRO.  Based on the Specs listed at the bottom of the message you attached - I am blaming the issue on a bug in iOS 6.1.

We have seen some issues with iOS 6 and have two solutions that have covered every user.  This first method is a little easier and may work for your customer.  This fix is actually from the guys at foreflight ( - give credit where credit is due.

Please try these steps:
1. Go to the main iPad Settings app.
2. Tap on “Privacy”.
3. Tap on “Location Services”.
4. Toggle the top row to “Off”.  This will turn off location services for all of your apps.
5. Reboot your iPad (press-and-hold the top button for 5 seconds, slide the red slider to power off, wait 5 seconds, then press the top button to turn your iPad back on).
6. Go back to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and turn location services to “On” for your iPad.  Also make sure that location services are set to “On” for Apps you want to use with your ELF.

Please pass this all forward - If you customer would like to contact us directly we are more than happy to help. will get them to someone that can assist.


A customer of ours has already tried this fix and it worked for him 100%. Good service from Bad Elf and I really liked the products I saw on their web site, especially their PRO bluetooth module :). Be sure to check it out if you are in a search for the quality external GPS module for your iPod or wifi-only iPad:

[Update 20-Apr-2015] There is an issue with External GPS modules and iOS8.3 release. Most of module manufactures issued statements saying they know about the problem and reported it to Apple. As of the moment, until Apple releases the update, the only solution is to downgrade to iOS8.2:

[Update 11-Sep-2015] Given all the troubles with GPS in the recent iOS updates Bad-Elf created a great page for all external GPS module owners named  "cleared to update" and telling which versions of iOS are safe for use with external modules.

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