iPhone and iPad speedometer - GPS tracking user guide

What's it for and how to control it?

GPS tracking supports two scenarios.

First is to enable car drivers to collect and view/export statistical information about their tracks which can be useful for trip journals and tax deduction purposes.

Second is to enable GPS track of time, location, speed and altitude for purposes of viewing tracks on map, their detailed analysis and sharing via Google Earth or Speedometer's native format.

The preferred way to enable tracking is to tap on the top "list" button:

In the presented list of trips tap on the "Tracks" tab (arrow 1):

You'll see a "Learn and switch on" button for tracking (arrow 2). To get the most out of tracking, we highly recommend you read through the instructions text provided. Scroll down as you read until you reach the "Add Tracking" button.

Tap on that button and Welcome to the world of tracking with Speedometer!

When you return back to the main screen the GPS dash will look like:

Extra elements here compared to the original GPS dash are "START" button that starts the new track and a Trip/Track TIMER. Lets start our first track? Tap on "START", and you'll be presented with two options for a new track:

Remember we were talking about those two tracking scenarios at the start? "Keep only stats" will not keep detailed point-by-point information about your track, but just start and end points, distance traveled and track duration (both total time and time on the move). "Keep GPS log" will keep point by point information of time, location, speed and altitude. This can be viewed later on on map as a path from start to the end point.

Pick the right option for you here and you'll be presented by the following suggestion:

This is quite a cool thing that speedometer can do for you. When tracking is active it can keep the app running in the background so even when call is in progress or screen is locked to save the battery for example - speedometer will still be recording the track, updating counters and alerting on exceeding the preset speed. And again, when tracking will be stopped or paused, speedometer will not work in the background to save the battery from power-hungry GPS receiver.

We highly recommend you chose "OK, do it for me!" here, we are not going to ask anymore. You can always change this way of working in "Advanced Settings->Background mode".

Having picked the right options we are tracking now!

We can see "START" button is now two buttons - "Pause" (arrow 1) and "Stop" (arrow 2) and tracking indicator - that green rectangle, shows that tracking is active. Fully filled green indicator signals tracking with GPS log, shallow green will mean "Keep stats only" tracking and semi-filled will mean GPS tracking with no more space for log data for that track (it will continue count distance and speed stats, but gps log is not written anymore).

Number 4 in the image above shows background work indicator, as we told speedometer to enable background work whenever tracking is active.

If you tap on pause button, tracking will be paused, background mode of execution will be disabled (if you agreed with automating the background mode with tracking) and un-pause button (arrow 1) will be shown:

Pause indicator (arrow 2) will be blinking to signal that tracking is paused. Trip and track counters will not be updated during the pause. Duration of pause is recorded on the track and shown separately.

When you need to stop the track, tap on the "Stop" flag.

Show me the tracks!

Once you have some tracks recorded, tap on that "list" button on top again and on "Tracks" tab (arrow 1) to see the recorded tracks.

Shortly on other buttons here. "Last 10" is a filter button - to give you ability to filter tracks by start or end date or just show last X tracks. Tap on a track row to see its details:

In addition to track statistics we can see/enter the track name and description. Tap on "Name" button (arrow 1) to see or set the track description. Tapping on "Map" button (arrow 2) will let you to see the track on a map:

Don't forget you can always switch type of map between Standard, Satellite and Hybrid in "Advanced Settings->Map Settings". In the sample above we switched to a satellite map (and assigned a track with a name as you can see).

Speedometer's tracking provide quite an ability to zoom in. Track above is 379 kilometers long and still, you can zoom in like this:

This is it for a single track viewing. But you can also view all tracks under the trip!

When in the "Trips" list:

Tap on the "list" button (arrow 1) to see all the tracks in this trip (sorry we are using a different trip tracks in the following image, "Parndorf" trip had only one track...):

We can see complete list of tracks for this trip here and by default the last track is only shown on the map.
You can show all trip tracks on the map at once by tapping on "Show all" (arrow 1) button:

Trip and tracks list sharing options are available by tapping on action button (arrow 2).

And don't forget you can always zoom-in, our special algorithms make sure you can do quite a zoom-in:

An by tapping on a specific track row, you'll get it isolated and highlighted on the map:

This is it for the viewing options.

How to share my trips?

Sharing and export options make it possible to create and send out the trip with all its tracks either in Google Earth format or proprietary Speedometer's format. The second option allows you to continue your trip on another device.

You can either the "action" button (arrow 2) inside the "tracks for trip' window:

Or in case you don't want to go through tracks being shown for you before you export, you can use the sharing button in the Trip "edit" window:

Either way, same options will be presented:

If you used the Google Earth option, then you'll know what to do with the archive sent. Lets see what you can do with Speedometer proprietary archive.

The sharing email looks like this:

recipient of your email will have to tap on the bottom "attachment' line and pick speedometer in "Open In" dialog:

Speedometer app will open and in a few seconds (depends on the archive size) you'll see import succeeded message:

Now you can just find that trip in the list of trips and use it for viewing its stats and tracks or you can continue with this trip!

It is also possible to export trips or tracks list. Just tap on the "action" button on trips/tracks list to see the list export options:

Exported to Preview list of tracks looks like this:

"Preview" is excellent option provided by Apple from where you can send the list by email, print it or open in any capable of opening lists app.

This is it! We hope you'll enjoy the GPS tracking provided by speedometer!

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