iPhone/ipad Rally Computer - User Manual

We've just released 1.5.1 with 10+ new features and you can read about it here: http://blocoware.blogspot.cz/2013/06/iphone-and-ipad-speedometer-version-151.html. Though we never stop! Here is a preview of a new feature for 1.5.2 which should make many of rally and racing drivers happy.

Version 1.5.1 introduced a map mode, where you can see your location and a breadcrumb on a Google map. We are going to leverage the fact there is a window now where you can have a smaller speed and something else. "Rally computer" with being that else!

We are not even going to tell to everyone there is a rally computer inside! Here is the trick for how to switch it on:

Scroll through dashboards until you see the "MAP" button. Hold it for a second or two and release to see the hidden options:

Tap on Rally Computer to have it as a next dashboard instead of the map:

 By default rally computer shows the current distance counter and total trip distance. BUT, this is totally customizable. Just double tap on any of the counters in the red frames to switch to the next available parameter to show:

Above, we've double tapped it to show average speed on top and a timer in the bottom.

There are more options of course - just keep double tapping. Big timer above, small max speed at the bottom:

Or big average speed above and small timer bellow?

 Here is a list of options for the upper screen:

Current distance -> TIMER -> Average Speed -> Max. Speed

and for the bottom one:

Trip total distance -> TIMER -> Average Speed -> Max. Speed

This gives possibility to combine your own screen from bigger something on top and smaller bottom.