Sunday, July 9, 2017

Compass 55. More love for pilots and naval navigators. Version 1.8.2.!

Relative or absolute (BRG, steer course) bearing to target.

Naive I was thinking that new airplane map pointer and course line will be it to make pilots happy! Ok, here is more love for pilots! 

Before version 1.8.2 the only way to show bearing to a target was a relative course, telling you diff between your current course and course to a target.

Now this is different with an "Absolute" bearing option which is often named BRG or course to steer. After setting "Absolute" in Settings > Navigation, the app will be showing you bearing as a course in which you should fly/drive/walk in order to get to a target:

In the example above required course to the target is 335 degrees and we are a bit off as course line on a map and green arrow tells us. Also notice how former "TARGET" is now showing "TARGET" to give you a hint that this is a "steer course", not a diff.

For the former, "Relative" option, which stays as a default, app still shows you a delta between the current and required course:

This way, we can see that we are 1 degree off from the required course and adjust appropriately. Notice how "TARGET" is used to highlight that you are using a "delta" course to the target.

Again, you'll find the switch between these two options in Settings > Navigation:

ETE - Estimated Time En route.

As app was really showing Estimated Time Enroute (time left to a target), ETA label is now renamed to ETE. New option is added to show ETE based on an instantaneous speed (averaged over short recent interval). In Settings > Navigation you can either left the default (speed average over the whole track) or this new option 'Current speed':

Bug fixes and optimizations.

No known bugs were present in version 1.8.1 and I hope I didn't introduce any in this release :)! What I found as worth tightening for iOS11 beta 1/2 has been tightened.

For the optimizations and small improvements:

Line to a target is now geodesic and shows correctly to match the green arrow direction however big the distance between you and the target is.

All route/waypoint navigation settings are now located on one screen - Settings > Navigation.

Don't miss version 1.8 updates - course line, tilemill and mobac maps import, 5 types of map pointers and a whole lot more!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Subaru USB charger and problems with iPhone's GPS reception

This is probably the most bizarre one of all possible for iPhone's GPS malfunction cases! We've been troubleshooting it with one of the speedometer users, Tom, for several weeks until Tom narrowed down the case of non-working GPS to built-in USB charging plug in his Subaru!!!

Here is a thread on Subaru forums confirming this really bizarre problem: and here is a video that Tom agreed to share:

To troubleshoot this, just switch USB from the built-in USB charger to an external charger connected to a 12V plug or run iPhone without plugging it to the power outlet at all for a minute to see if problem is not caused by USB interference. Subaru, really?!

P.S. Here is the full video story from Tom: 

To recap, if you want to use your built-in USB charge plug with iPhone and to have GPS in iPhone functioning well, you have to start StarLink app in your Subaru. Note from Tom:
Also note that if users wish to listen to their music via the wired interface (appears to be better quality than via Bluetooth), they will also need the Starlink app on their iPhone. However, if they don't wish to listen to their music via this method, and they don't have the Starlink app on their iPhone, they can still activate the Starlink app on their car system, and the interference will cease. Hopefully some engineer will figure out exactly why this is, and share that with us."

Tom even experimented with a ferrite bead filter USB cable: "For your information, today I tried the a new charger cable, with a ferrite bead filter.  It didn’t help in the least bit.", but to no avail.

Hope this can make life to a few Subaru users easier! Thanks to Tom!

Subaru owner having the same issue? Please share your experience in comments!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Compass 55 iPhone/iPad land nav app version 1.8 released.

Version 1.8 is out in the wild! Here is what's new at a glance: 
● New to the common map settings is a "Pointer" section that allows you to pick from 5 pointer types for the main map (car, airplane, boat, triangle, default).
● Map settings screen now has a section offering to show/hide a course line, configure its length and number of marks.
● Map settings screen adds an option to disable or enable waypoints grouping on a map.
● (Pro Pack) Track can now be pinned to the Google map as well.
● (Pro Pack) Use existing Rmaps, sqlitedb, mbtiles maps in the app. Prepare or use your existing maps from MOBAC and TileMill.
● UTM. Support for both "hemisphere" and "latitude band" formats.
● In the map "browse/edit" mode (when you disable map centering):
You can now search on the map by waypoint.
Red arrow tool bar at the map bottom allows to move in bearing/distance and copy red arrow coordinate.
Complete information:…/speedohelp/landnav/v18


Imported map created previously in MOBAC based on Chartlebundle tiles:

New map pointer options:

Optional course line on a map:

With configurable length and number of marks:

Option to pin/unpin track directly in the map settings:

New options for the red arrow "plus" button. Move in direction and bearing and copy coordinate:

Plus button allowed to drop or edit waypoint at the red arrow location. Now plus button gives more options and is being more explicit about its actions:

UTM. Support for "hemisphere" and "latitude band" formats.

And a whole lot more new options, functions and improvements!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Speedometer and Compass 55 apps. Adding more options for a map.

Working now on adding more map options. All based on your requests and wishes!

You'll be able to pick from 5 map pointer images:

And add a course line to a map:

For course line, it's possible to setup its length in feet, meters, miles or kilometers and also adjust number of ticks/separators on it so you can estimate the distance ahead quite well.

This will be added to both Speedometer and Compass 55 betas quite soon. Also I see facebook is profiling itself quite aggressively recently as a good place for "product" pages, so here are FB pages for both apps:

Speedometer for iPhone/iPad:
Compass 55:

In addition to documentation pages and star button in the apps, FB hopefully can become a good communication channel in the future.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

iPhone speedometer app. Adding BMW test pilot mode.

This mode is only available in beta version currently and will be released publicly with version 1.8.

When you can't stop for longer then for X minutes at once and constantly have to monitor idle/moving times, average speed and distance passed - You are probably a rally driver or a test pilot for BMW :). Then this is the mode for you:

Simply do MENU > MODES  and pick "BMW test pilot" mode at the bottom.

In this mode, TIME panel shows idle/moving time monitor and allows to setup the current stop duration alert. By default, alert is disabled. Tap on a @"-------" button above the ALERT label in the time dash to open the alert settings:

You can setup both the alert timer and options for alerting as Voice, Beep or Vibrate:

Return back to the main screen and now, whenever you stop for longer than the idle alert threshold, you'll bee notified by a beep, voice message or vibration.


"Tunnels" and "garages" are always a challenge to anything GPS related! Is it right to add time in the tunnel or garage with no GPS reception to the idle or moving time? It depends. That's why you have an option in "Advanced settings" > "Zero speed and NO GPS" to pick the right handling:

By default NO GPS time is added to the idle time. I can imagine you'd want to add it to Moving quite often. You have the option! :)

Want to use this mode before the public release? Drop me a line via star button in the speedometer app and you'll be invited to use the beta version!

Version 1.5 of the taximeter app released

New features:

● Sales tax support for fare and extras, if needed.
● Adjustment of total on receipt -> tip or discount.
● Customizable receipt header to match your business.
● Multiline cab/company field to add more info.
● New receipt to show details on extras, distance and time. Plus tax, if used.

Detailed "what's new" page:

Also adding facebook page in case you need more swift turnaround than with emails:

Trying out this facebook thing, will install the messenger as well and will see how it turns out :). Anyway, star button in app will surely lead your way for getting help and assistance. Adding FB to keep up with the fashion :).

To give you a taste, here is preview of a new, detailed, receipt: