Sunday, August 26, 2012

iPhone/iPad Speedometer milestones–Trip Cost Monitor, Speed Genius and more!

Here is our plan for the next few milestones of our iPhone/iPad Speedometer.


First, on the break of August and September 2012, we are adding a new feature – “Trip Cost Monitor”. Cost Monitor will show you the cost of your trip as you drive. How it does it? You enter fuel consumption in liters per 100km or MPG (either US or UK), price for a liter or gallon and optionally (but very convenient) extra price per kilometer or mile. Now it is up to a speedometer to show the total cost based on that data and kilometers/miles you’ve driven. And as we do our best to measure that distance precisely, you can rely on the cost value it shows you!


“Trip Cost Monitor” will also show you a share per each passenger, should you enter the number of passengers. Can be very convenient for commute sharing scenarios.

This is it for a “Trip Cost Monitor”.

Let’s move to October 2012. On the way to the “Speed Genius” feature we are going to release one or two versions mainly for localization and bug fixing. What are languages coming to an iPhone/iPad speedometer? First, it is a 100% localization for Japanese and Russian languages. Next we expect Spanish and Chinese localizations (October 2012).

So what “Speed Genius” is going to be? Now, you have to set the speed limit for a speedometer to notify you. And probably you’ve thought already – “the speedo knows where I’m why it could not just learn and set limits for itself”. Yes it could, and we are going to learn it how to it for you!

That is going to be a “Speed Genius”. We hope you’ll love this addition to a speedometer. We’ll publish more on a “Speed Genius” as we go through the implementation and testing.

And we are not going to stop as you can see from the plan sketched out above. We want to be open though and react to what time and life brings us within the next months. And if you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us at “speed at”.

You can download “Speedometer Speed Limit Alert and Trip Cost Monitor” from the AppStore to join our evolution in practice.
Or you may join/like our facebook group and take a part in the community growing around the speedometer. You are welcome!

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