Wednesday, August 29, 2012

iPhone/iPad Trip Cost Monitor – “My friends use me as a taxi!!! How do I use Trip Cost Calculator as a taximeter?”

We continue our series of articles dedicated to how you can use our “Trip Cost Monitor/Calculator” for different tasks. “Trip Cost Monitor” is a feature of our iPhone/iPad speedometer that is available on Apple’s AppStore.


Let’s see how to use Trip Cost Monitor as a taximeter and charge for a kilometer or mile.

When you first start the Speedometer all fuel consumption and price values are zeroed. So first, tap on the SET button and now you only need to input a price per kilometer or mile that you want to charge.

For miles
For Kilometers
 photo (3) photo (2)

If you happened to enter some values for price per gallon or liter, you can just zero it out. We don’t use any currency symbols for our Trip Cost Monitor/Calculator as we want to keep it pretty universal. It is about numbers in the first place, is not it? So above, it might be $1 per mile and 1.2 euro for a kilometer  to be charged.

Now confirm with “Done” button and the only thing left is to drive!

Cost monitor updates the cost for every 5 or 10 ten meters traveled under normal GPS reception circumstances.

While you drive Cost Monitor keeps the price updated. Here for miles:

As our choice was $1 per mile, of course the calculation is easy, but look for kilometers it was 1.2 euro and it would be much harder to calculate:

And if you are asking what those two and single headed figures do on those images, then know that they stand for number of passengers and a share per each passenger. Should you want to split the cost, just provide number of passengers in the cost settings and speedometer will do the calc for you!

This is it for today! Next time, we’ll continue with “I want to share a commute with my co-workers. How do I do it?” robbery cartoon
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If you are more worried about the fact of yourself being used as a taxi, you may consult with Yahoo answers for Are they your friends only because you’ve got a car?  or Did you turn your kindness into your weakness? Thanks Yahoo for saving us from expensive psychiatrists!! :):)

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