Saturday, December 8, 2012

Speedometer app - I can't hear the speed limit alert. Please help

One of the issues user may experience with the speedometer app is that audio alert for speed limit crossing is not audible.

Sound level for the alert is the same as for the music. You can check in the Music app if level is high enough. 

If the level is ok and you still don't hear the alert after crossing the limit set, please check if iPhone is not connected by any chance to bluetooth or FM transmitter in your car and output of those is not muted or switched off.

On iPhones 5 you don't need to jump away to the Music app or use side + and - volume button. Due to integrated mini iPod player you can adjust volume in the app directly:

Tap on that reproductor button to open the sound volume control and set the volume to some value that is audible in your car.

If you have bluetooth connected to iPhone in your car this control will look like: 

And by tapping on that blue rectangle you can switch the output source:

This is it for the speed limit alert sound control. We hope it might help!


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