Thursday, December 6, 2012

Speedo - Change the speed limit and speed preset value

Continuing series on what and how for the speedo app. Today's entry will be on really simple stuff: setting the speed limit and changing the speed limit preset value/name.

★ To set the speed limit just tap on the speed limit preset. The limit will be set and when you go over it digits will become red and alert sound will be emitted.

To reset the speed limit, just tap on "NO LIMIT" button.

★ If you want to have other speed limit values than provided, just hold the preset button for 1 second and release it. The window will open (second image) where you can set the value for the preset and its name. When set, just tap on the screen anywhere else and window will close. To apply the limit you've changed, just tap on the preset button.

Why there are no speed digits on the above images? I captured screenshots at home, with no GPS signal. When there is no GPS signal, there are no digits. This is an extra indicator of GPS signal, and is the ultimate indicator when you use Heads-up display for example.

And we used iPad for images to be bigger, but the same speed limit and presets handling applies of course to iPhones.


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