Tuesday, February 12, 2013

iPhone-iPad Speedometer - version 1.4.9

Both paid and free users got a new version on Friday, Feb 8th, 2013. What is new? For both apps there is approximately 20% improvement in CPU consumption, and app now consumes by 100kB less memory when it runs. Both apps are tested for iOS6.1.
Now, what is extra for the paid app:

Display time or altitude in Heads-up

What it does?

You can chose to display either time or altitude via the windshield reflection in addition to the speed and limit values.

Pick from the 3 available fonts for a speed display.

Hide or show leading zeroes for speed.

What it does?

This is not luxury but a necessity to some extent. The digital font, however cool looking it might be, is not always the easiest to decipher. That is why there are now 3 fonts to pick from, one digital and 2 analogue. speedo-149-2
As for showing or not the leading zeroes option. Those extra zero(es) at the start are confusing sometimes as they can look simular to 8 or 2 or 5, … When really fast and unambiguous speed readings are required, old style analogue fonts and no leading zeroes might come out as the best.

No alert sound option.

What it does?
With this option digits will turn red, but sound alert will be muted. In the upper speedometer toolbar, right above the speed digits, you’ll see a crossed volume icon (and it will go blinking when you cross the preset speed limit:). But there will be no sound. You can tap on this crossed icon to return the alert sound back.

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