Thursday, February 28, 2013

iPhone/iPad Speedometer - sneak peek on features in the works

This is going to be probably the longest wait for the release we ever had (expected late March 2013), and as we can't feed you with these new features already, lets share at least how it looks in the dev's lab:

Feature 1: Integrated map with on-map live tracking.

There going to be a dedicated dashboard for a map. We tried to maximize the amount of space for a map. For the first release with a map we'll be using Apple's built-in map, giving more options (OpenStreet or Bing) later.
As you can see the "SPEED LIMIT XYZ" label moved down under the presets section and that going to be its permanent home now.

Options will include:
- Directional following for the user heading (map will rotate so you always "head" of the map ahead of you).
- Change map scale
- Move the map around and then tap to return to on-the-map tracking mode.
- Standard, hybrid or satellite map mode

This is it for the first feature to unveil in the new release (expected late March). We'll share on more features coming in the next version soon!

[Update 16-Mar-2013] If someone thinks we are just plain lazy waiting for the next release date doing nothing, NOOOO is our answer :):). We've been experimenting with other maps than just the built-in one. OpenStreetMap and Google map. And which one we are going to integrate in the end?! ... ALL OF THEM!! Let us give you a choice, every map brings something unique to a table and even if we are coming to default to Google's one, it will be easy to switch to Apple's built-in map or use OpenStreetMap.

Here is the sample for OpenStreetMap. Level of detail is amazing. The ability to see the house numbers, having children playgrounds and pedestrian routes marked, this is totally breathtaking with the OpenStreetMap alternative.
Here is a preview of how the Google's look like.
You can believe to a guy who has spent a week worth of long nights with all of those maps. There is no one to beat the god of maps yet. This is going to be the map to support all of our own wishes for an in-car speedometer app:
- Follow the road so you always head up on the screen
- When map rotates to your course all of the street names are still shown in the right way!
- You can change the view angle of the map, woooow!

And .... It is absolutely stable.

Google's map is going to be the default option and we truly believe YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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