Thursday, May 19, 2016

Speedometer for iPhone/iPad - Version 1.6.2 is here!

Version 1.6.2 hit the shelves! Here is what's new:

‣ 5 new alert sounds
We picked some milder/softer sounds and we hope you'll love them!

‣ 3D touch options for the app icon
Allows to start or stop the track, create new waypoint or change the mode. 

‣ Modes
The fast and straightforward way to transform speedometer to a tool of your choice. Heads-up, Taximeter, Rally Computer, Map, Waypoints monitor (e.g. speed cameras), Full screen map or speed, G-Force monitor or you can resort to a Default at any moment - that's all available via force touch on the app icon or MENU>MODES. 9 modes in total are available in this release!

‣ Rally computer improvements
Adding off perfect time monitor and handy controls to adjust distance or reset/pause counters. Put together, it all created a foundation for the new rally computer experience. To get to all of this, just do MENU>MODES>"Rally computer". Hope speedometer will see more rallies now and will help you win, of course!

‣ G-Force acceleration monitor
Use MENU>MODES>"G-Force monitor" (or force touch on the app icon). G-Force monitor calibrates itself as you drive to deduce what is the horizontal force and which direction is forward and back.

‣ Waypoints improvements

* Multiple active waypoint collections. 
* "Nearby" filter for waypoints list. 
* URL waypoint collections. Know the url of the file with pois is or maintain your very own one? Add a url based collection to speedo and have it synchronized (bi)weekly, monthly or manually.
* Waypoints list now shows an icon for every known waypoint type

‣ Waypoints monitor improvements

Now you can grab waypoints from the speedo's library and the whole alerting setup process has become easier! You'll see for yourself after choosing MENU>MODES>"Waypoints monitor"

‣ Fixes and maintenance! iOS9 related and not only
To mention major ones here:
+ Navigation to waypoints via Waze, Google, Navigon and others.
+ MapQuest map and downloading offline maps from providers that are not supporting ssl
+ Showing weather information in infotainment.
+ Improved compatibility of export files in KMZ and GPX format with other apps.
+ Apple map can now show traffic information.
+ Updated Google map to the latest version.

We hope you'll like this new release and will be exploring these new features and options while we are working on the version NEXT. As show must go on!

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