Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Updates lineup for blocoware apps for iPhone

We are always cooking something new for your! As you can see we have updates lined up for all of our products.


For Speedometer ($0.99 at AppStore) we will have soon some performance optimizations and tweaks for the background mode. This update will be submitted to Apple around 20th of June (so expect it at the AppStore around 27th of June). Following releases will bring more features like HUD (Heads Up Display) and display deeming functions.

For Here&Near Notes (Free at AppStore) we have a new icon and decimal/degrees coordinate is now added to the “share location” email. This update is being approved by Apple right and should be available very soon.

And what about Taxican? For Taxican (Free at AppStore) we are preparing general bugfixing for the release to be available mid July. Although we are preparing a major update for Taxican to add a taxometer feature. That will give you an ability to track your ride and compare charge calculated by Taxican with that you really pay.


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