Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Speedometer - Today we worked for Joe and all bikers!

Today was the day dedicated to Joe's request. Joe asked a month ago (may be two, shame on us) for having a Vibrate option for the speed limit alert. Joe is a biker and it is quite a must have option when you have to keep iPhone in your pocket. And we are glad to announce that today this option was added to beta of a soon coming 1.5.2 version. It will be located under "Advanced Settings" > "Alert Sounds", at the bottom of the sounds list:

You can read more on new features in the soon coming version: http://blocoware.blogspot.cz/p/beta-152-whats-new.html and if you are looking for information on what was new in the most current version (1.5.1), here it is: http://blocoware.blogspot.cz/2013/06/iphone-and-ipad-speedometer-version-151.html

Dedicated to all bikers and Joe!

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