Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iPad and iPhone Taximeter - User Manual is now ready!

That was one of the longest waits for the user manual. But it is now ready! Taxi meter is a hidden feature in our speedometer app, but hundreds and hundreds of users are using it from June 2013. Whenever you need to charge for your driving (taxi cabs, towing), or just check or calculate the fare somebody else charges you - taxi meter is here for you!

Taximeter allows you to setup as many tariffs as you want and charge for distance travelled or time passed. With time, you are even able to charge only when speed is lower than some threshold. You can also add and manage extra charges as you drive! User manual will tell you more:

Those big numbers for the total fare that you see above are available to configure from version 1.5.2, but it has already been submitted to Apple!

Here is a download link for the app itself:

From February 2016 you have one more option - our dedicated taxi/cab meter app.

You can still use and configure the speedometer app to be your taxi meter or if you just want to tap and ago, we have the app for you!

Dedicated taxi meter app AppStore download link:

Dedicated taxi meter app user manual and troubleshooting pages:

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