Thursday, April 24, 2014

Speedometer - Track export to gx:track - New feature in coming 1.5.3 version

Polishing and testing all the new options and optimizations for version 1.5.3 now, but can't resist from sharing on one of the new features - track export to Google Earth's gx:track format:

Above is the track 1060 kilometers (around 660 miles) long. Why gx:track was an important extra format to export to? It enables extra information to be shown in the elevation profile (part at the bottom) to be shown synchronized with time and position of the track points.

What I wanted to show as an extra information, was the speed as recorded by iPhone itself. Google would show you the speed based on GPS coordinate changes (by only with gx:track) and elevation (for all types of tracks), though I suspected that speed would be different from what iPhone reports.

As you can see from the image above, normally that is just 1-3 km/h difference. There are points where difference is higher. At 822km point of travel Google tells 129km/h while iPhone was telling 131.

Gx:track can be used for a track re-play and tour recording. It turns out that you need a Google Earth Pro edition to turn the tour into .avi file and there might be some constraints from Google to use the resulting video publicly, so no video to come from me today :).

I hope you'll like that new export option, will do my best to release the new version soon (but not sooner than it is tested properly :))!
Yours, Stan.

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