Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Speedometer for iPhone/iPad - Version 1.5.3 is available now!

What's new?

Millions of speed colors.

Ability to setup speed digits to any color. Hold finger on a digit in "Advanced settings">"Speed colors" or "Heads-up and full screen options" 

 to open a color picker:

Video tutorial:

Tracks colored by speed or altitude.

Recorded track can be shown on a map colored by speed or altitude. Tap on a violet box with min, average and max speed values to open track coloring options.

Here is how speed colored track looks like:

And the same track, colored by altitude:

Video tutorial:


You don't have to look at zero speed when waiting on traffic lights or in a jam anymore! Weather information, trip stats and twitter timeline information can be shown. Enable via "Advanced settings" > “Zero speed and NO GPS” > “Show infotainment”:

Pick "YES" and use extra settings button there provides options for a granular infotainment setup, if needed.
Next time when you stop on lights or get stuck in a jam, speedometer can show you trip stats:

As you can see my current commute was 29 minutes and from that only 17 minutes I was driving, 11 minutes lost on lights and "jams"! No more looking for 11 minutes at zero speed display for me! Instead, speedo shows weather forecast by hour:

Weather forecast by day (of course you can switch to Fahrenheit, just tap on that WEATHER button):

Wind forecast by hour and day (showing only by hour here):

And last for this release, but not least - Twitter timeline. I love this one the most! It also made me review who do I follow as I started to follow mainly those who's tweets do contain useful information and not only links :). It might be a good idea to create a different twitter account for a road and subscribe to local road authorities and news that can be really handy as you travel:

In infotainment settings you can pick which twitter account to use for an infotainment slideshow.
When infotainment is shown, you can tap on it with two fingers to pause, remove or set it up. You can also swipe on infotainment left or right to change between information slides. Weather and twitter require internet connection, but consume only very moderate amount of data.

Video tutorial:

Notification about GPS non-activity.

Speedometer can now notify you when you left it tracking on just working in background and there was no GPS activity for a longer time. Set in "Advanced settings" > "Zero Speed or NO GPS">"Background mode notification".

Here is how notification looks:

It is accompanied with a sound and I tried to make it unique! :).

Full screen.

Double tap on numbers in heads-up screen to revert to a full screen.

For bigger speed digits, rotate to a landscape. Swipe on a full screen will switch to the next/previous speed limit preset. Holding your finger on speed numbers will open a menu with more options:

"Mirror numbers" switches back to a HUD mode, you can also just double tap on speed digits to do it. More on a "Night mode" below. "Extra" gives ability to show time or altitude on the full screen. 

More options for Heads-up screen.

Use a landscape mode to make speed digits bigger. Swipe left/right to switch the speed limit. Hold your finger on digits to open menu with more options.

Video review for heads-up new options and full screen:

Night mode.

Main screen, heads-up and full screen now support a night mode. Available either via “Advanced settings” > “Night mode” or just hold your finger on speed digits until menu opens with night mode options. You can force ON and OFF as well as let speedometer apply the night mode automatically, based on sunrise and sunset times.

New GPS tracking options.

-- GPS tracking is extended with an option to avoid recording optimizations ("Advanced settings">"GPS tracking">"Optimize recording"). Optimization is on by default and helps to minimize the track data size while still keeping it very smooth and detailed on a map. This is quite sufficient for most of the regular driving scenarios, but might be undesirable for sports related activities where every point might be a significant one.
-- You can now avoid picking the tracking mode (GPS journal or statistics only) on each track start by --setting you preference in "Advanced settings">"GPS tracking">"Preferred Tracking Type".
-- New Google Earth export format added - gx:track. That allows to "re-play" the track in Google Earth with its speed data shown side by side with the "elevation graph" (tab "speed-r").

Zero speed inclusion in average speed.

Speedometer has now two options to calculate the average speed - only based on moving time (a default), or based on a total time and distance.

Show fuel run-up.

By tapping on the place where fuel cost is now displayed in a cost monitor, you can switch to a fuel consumption display. Switch back to fuel price by tapping there again.

Small things.

-- Tap on a timer in GPS tracking panel switches between timer and average speed.
-- Maximum detailed GPS track recording time is extended to about 32 hours (in optimized recording mode and when built-in GPS receiver is used). After exceeding that period, tracking continues to record only track statistics. Please beware that on older devices; extremely long tracks may take longer to show on map and export.
-- Improved app start up time and CPU/battery utilization.
-- Switching the trip while having the track recording active, ends the active track.
-- Navigate via Waze option is added a waypoint navigation options.
-- GPS track name is populated upon its creation from current date and time.
If you like new changes and would not mind spending a minute giving us a review in Appstore, we'd really appreciate it! Here is a review link for a FREE or FULL versions.

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