Sunday, September 20, 2015

iPad multitasking and speedometer in iOS 9 - How it looks?

Here is a teaser on how iPad multitasking looks on iPad Air 2 that supports new to iOS 9 "split screen between the apps" feature:

Apple navigation is to the left and speedometer is to the right, keeping you alerted on speed and red light cameras and recording the GPS track. 

When will this become available? It's Sep 20th, 2015 today and version that fully supports iOS9 and fixes several iOS 9 specific cosmetic issues is in the Apple's queue, waiting for a review. It should become available every day now!

We are so glad to bring this feature to you! It's all about productivity, and iPad multitasking really raises the bar!

Which iPads will support iPad multitasking? Right now those will be iPad Air with iPad mini 2 and 3 to support a "Slide over" and iPad Air 2 with iPad mini 4 supporting fully blown split view screen.

If you wanted to know more about iPad multitasking here is a link on how to use it: and here is a good article with video review from macrumors:

So excited you'll be able to use speedometer with any other app sharing iPad's screen! Utility value of iPad has just quite raised and it's a pity I'm still using older iPad 2. This can really push me into buying a cellular iPad 4 mini so I can use a fully blown split view screen in my car!


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