Sunday, September 18, 2016

Speedometer for iPhone/iPad - Version 1.7 is available on AppStore. What's new?

Free and full versions

• Brushed and polished for iOS 10!

That's to make sure everything works smoothly on iOS10.

• Share location via Facebook and Twitter

That's in addition to existing email and sms options. Sharing includes UTM and MGRS coordinate in addition to latitude and longitude.

• Zoom in and out buttons for maps.

Tap on the map to show them. Was long missing and it was hard to zoom in/out just by panning the map. Just the map now and use plus or minus buttons to zoom in/out.

• Main screen color schema is changed. 

Now it should be quite more obvious where to tap. Blue is a button to tap. Brown, speed limit presets are still hold, wait, release. White buttons are for hold until something opens. 

• Using GPS course or compass automatically for best heading accuracy.

Given most of the app users are drivers, this should be the right move. Because of magnetic interference in the car, magnetic compass makes no sense often. The app will use magnetic if speed is very low and once there are solid GPS samples it will show GPS course instead of the magnetic one. Should be really a win for in-car usage. Full version users can change this in Advanced Settings > Compass or Course.

• Modes. New to free version.

Use MENU>MODES to switch to a full screen mode, HUD, map or full screen map. Or return back to the default mode after experimenting :). Users of full version have been enjoying modes since version 1.6.2. Now they come to a free version as well. 5 of 10. Here is the complete modes list:

Full version only

• Land navigation mode. 

Arrow pointing to your target (and line on a map), compass and coordinate:

MENU>MODES>Land navigation mode.

This brings fully fledged compass to the app. It was hard to decide if I should delay the compass reaction as many other compass apps do. After long, long doubts and tests I kept the instant reaction in place. Your input is really welcome on either I should keep it like this or introduce some delay.

• UTM + MGRS coordinates everywhere where you need them.

Lan nav mode screenshot above shows usage of MGRS coordinate. Visit Advanced Settings > Coordinate format to choose the one you need. There is also an option there for Degrees, Dm or Dms formats for showing latitude and longitude.

• One-stop waypoint and target editor.

Can also serve as an instant converter between Lat/Long and MGRS, UTM coordinates. Address can be found based on the coordinate or you can search for a place or address. You can check or set waypoint location on the map.  Here is the new look:

And you can now move waypoints between collections/folders, YES!

If you like the new waypoint editor and decide to pat me on a shoulder with your review, I'll really appreciate it. These late nights spent on it will have more meaning :)! You are the best users in the world and totally deserved this better editor!

• NATO mils support for compass. 

Easy. Use Advanced Settings > Compass & Course to setup. I learnt there are different "mils" system you can use. If you need some other, than NATO mils, please shout, I'll add :).

• Blank map option to avoid internet/data usage.

Bug fixing and optimizations

Yep! A few have got fixed and a few memory optimizations also taken place. Infotainment should be showing weather again. MapQuest option was substituted with the "Blank map" (which they ironically have become :) and options are added to add custom map with just one click. Also 6 offline map providers are added. 

All should be working now and optimized for iOS 10. If you find anything that I've missed, please let me know via the star button.

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