Sunday, October 30, 2016

Our new app! Land Nav 55. iPhone and iPad app. Compass, Arrow to a destination and GPS Tracker.

The ultimate GPS app for hiking, hunting, fishing and boating. Or just returning back to your car :).

More information and documentation available here:


Youtube video walkthrough:

Main features:

- Show arrow and line on the map pointing to the destination.
- Speedometer mode - focus on speed and pace.
- Manage waypoints. Waypoints editor also can serve as a coordinates convertor.
- Main screen always shows coordinates (Latitude/Longitude, UTM and MGRS), compass, sunrise, sunset, time, pace, speed, altitude.
- Native Google map, Apple map, Blank map to avoid data usage. Maps can be downloaded for offline usage for when no internet is available or you'd just want to avoid the mobile data usage.
- GPS tracking. Record GPS tracks and share them via GPX or Google Earth (kml or kmz).
- Share your coordinate via Email, Facebook, Text or Twitter in all 6 available formats.

Just everything you need for orientation, land navigation and estimating the pace/speed on your way!

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