Sunday, July 9, 2017

Compass 55. More love for pilots and naval navigators. Version 1.8.2.!

Relative or absolute (BRG, steer course) bearing to target.

Naive I was thinking that new airplane map pointer and course line will be it to make pilots happy! Ok, here is more love for pilots! 

Before version 1.8.2 the only way to show bearing to a target was a relative course, telling you diff between your current course and course to a target.

Now this is different with an "Absolute" bearing option which is often named BRG or course to steer. After setting "Absolute" in Settings > Navigation, the app will be showing you bearing as a course in which you should fly/drive/walk in order to get to a target:

In the example above required course to the target is 335 degrees and we are a bit off as course line on a map and green arrow tells us. Also notice how former "TARGET" is now showing "TARGET" to give you a hint that this is a "steer course", not a diff.

For the former, "Relative" option, which stays as a default, app still shows you a delta between the current and required course:

This way, we can see that we are 1 degree off from the required course and adjust appropriately. Notice how "TARGET" is used to highlight that you are using a "delta" course to the target.

Again, you'll find the switch between these two options in Settings > Navigation:

ETE - Estimated Time En route.

As app was really showing Estimated Time Enroute (time left to a target), ETA label is now renamed to ETE. New option is added to show ETE based on an instantaneous speed (averaged over short recent interval). In Settings > Navigation you can either left the default (speed average over the whole track) or this new option 'Current speed':

Bug fixes and optimizations.

No known bugs were present in version 1.8.1 and I hope I didn't introduce any in this release :)! What I found as worth tightening for iOS11 beta 1/2 has been tightened.

For the optimizations and small improvements:

Line to a target is now geodesic and shows correctly to match the green arrow direction however big the distance between you and the target is.

All route/waypoint navigation settings are now located on one screen - Settings > Navigation.

Don't miss version 1.8 updates - course line, tilemill and mobac maps import, 5 types of map pointers and a whole lot more!

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