Thursday, November 7, 2013

Speedometer - Version 1.5.2. What's new?

We are happy to announce that version 1.5.2 has been approved by Apple and we released it at once.

All new features are described in detail here:, let us provide a short review here:


Ability to share a single GPS track via facebook, sharepoint, twitter or Google Earth.

New menu with all of the functions handily available

Vibrate option for the speed alert

Rally computer

Live map lock up north (optional) and remember the zoom

  • Adoption of iOS7 with continued support for iOS6 and 5.1
  • Documentation and Q&A available directly from the app
  • Export for tracks and trip lists in pure comma delimited format
  • Ability to show big total fare numbers for taxi meter instead of speed

And more!

We hope you'll enjoy the new version and we are already off implementing new features :)!


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