Monday, November 3, 2014

Offline/custom and fullscreen maps in coming speedometer version (1.5.4)

Again,  could not resist from sharing :)! Making progress in working on offline/custom maps and fullscreen map mode right now and here is a preview:

The picture above shows the case when offline map coverage ends. That's still to be further polished, but concept will stay. By swiping left/right on a lower part you'll change a speed limit and but holding finger there, you'll have access to a standard "double tap"/"night mode" menu. I'll probably add a standard "action" menu button to the bottom, right now it is only at the top.

Full screen map will be available in both free and full versions. Offline/custom will be available in full version. I can't wait delivering that to all of the users, so the app can provide maps where and when internet is not available.

Alternative map sources for a map will include Apple, Google, MapQuest's OpenStreetMap and author's own OpenStreetMap data as well.

Though stay tuned, it is not only offline/custom/fullscreen maps to come in the next version! :)


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