Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Speedometer app. News from the field - January 2016.

Speedometer app always keeps evolving. I'm starting work on bigger features now and thought I'd share what are already new and available features in beta version 1.8:

Night mode for the Google map (released in beta, Oct 25, 2016)

Color coded waypoints (released in beta, Nov 2nd, 2016)

You can set default waypoint color on the whole collection:

In the collection list this default color is shown as a small colored "stripe" on the left:

Color can be overwritten for each waypoint in the waypoint editor:

Or you can revert to the default collection color here as well.

Adding timestamp to the export files (released in beta, Nov 2nd, 2016)

        Request came from Jim and it's definitely a great idea helping to avoid overwriting export files by accident. Now timestamp with date of export is appended to every output file name:

Save/Export trips and tracks directly to dropbox or iCloud drive (released in beta, Nov 2nd, 2016)

New "Save file" option in trip/track export:

That gives you options to save the export file directly to Dropbox, iCloud drive (or even your mac via airdrop):

GPX/KML waypoints export (in addition to current different csv formats). Released in beta, Nov 9nd, 2016

KMZ/KML waypoints EXPORT so waypoints' images and audio can be exported as well packed into the single KMZ (beta #25 - 22-Dec-2016)

Open the list of existing collections:

Tap on a settings button on a row with a collection you want to export and use the "action" button:

Choose "Export" action and pick the desired export format:

Once you pick the row with the target export format, "Email" and "Save" options will appear. "Email" option will add the export file to the email as an attachment. "Save" provides options to save the export file to iCloud drive, Dropbox, Google drive and any other "drive" for which you might have the corresponding "drive" app installed. If you have airdrop on your Mac enabled, it will appear there as well. Here is an example from my iPhone: 

IMPORT tracks and waypoints from GPX files (beta #25, 22-Dec-2016)

App offers 3 options for the GPX import:

  • Waypoints.
    Will import all waypoints inside the GPX <wpt> tags into a single new collection with name corresponding to the import file name.
  • Tracks.
    Will import all tracks inside the GPX <trk> tags into a single new trip with name corresponding to the import file name. Each track is imported as a separate track inside the trip.
  • Waypoints and tracks.
    Takes care of all waypoints and tracks inside the file. All waypoints will go into 1 new collection and all tracks will go into one new trip, each track will be imported as a separate track.
If everything goes alright, you'll see the import completion dialog:

If there is any problem with the file format or content, the app will tell you :). You can always use a star button on the main screen to email me if you find something missing or not working properly.

Here is an example of how the imported tracks may look:

or waypoints:

Huge thanks to Harrison for the plenty of test GPX data provided based on his crawling through the New Zealand forests (and for the permission to use screenshots with them on this site).

Coordinate, distance and heading tools for the "don't follow me" map mode (beta #25, 22-Dec-2016)

By default map follows your location and rotates so top of the map always shows ahead of you. You can cancel that by tapping on a "follow or not" button:

When map centering is off, red arrow appears pointing to a map center and toolbar is shown at the map bottom:

#1 - Coordinate the red arrow points to.
#2 - Heading of the red arrow. When map is setup to point always to North, still "rotate" the map and arrow will change its heading.
#3 - Distance between the arrow head and the current location.
#4 - Plus button to add waypoint at the place the red arrow points to.

This way you can check the heading of any building front or highway/road, measure the distance between you and point on a map and see coordinates of any point. If you want to navigate or share this coordinate, just tap on a plus button and waypoint editor will have all  these options for you.

All functions above are already released in beta version. How to join beta testing


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