Friday, February 17, 2017

Adding outdoor, off road GPS route navigation to Speedometer and Compass 55 iPhone/iPad apps.

GPS route, multipoint navigation to become available in Speedometer's beta (version 1.8) from Sunday Feb 19th, 2017 and in Compass 55 app public version 1.7 around Feb 23rd, 2017.

Navigation features voice guidance, off course voice hints, automatic check in between route points to switch to the next point on the route or complete the navigation after the last point has been reached.

Here is a video for how the navigation along the route works:

Also adding search on the main map feature - either by address or coordinate. Just disable the map centering mode and you'll see the search button. Video above shows this feature as well.

If you are using Speedometer app at the moment and want to access this feature before the public release, just give me a shout via the star button and I'll organize access to the beta version for you. It's as easy as few taps. New public version of Speedometer app will be released when work on automatic tracking is completed (April 2017).

Compass 55 app with this feature should be released around 23rd of February. 

Yours and wishing you many safe and pleasant trips ahead!

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