Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Speedometer and Compass 55 apps. Adding more options for a map.

Working now on adding more map options. All based on your requests and wishes!

You'll be able to pick from 5 map pointer images:

And add a course line to a map:

For course line, it's possible to setup its length in feet, meters, miles or kilometers and also adjust number of ticks/separators on it so you can estimate the distance ahead quite well.

This will be added to both Speedometer and Compass 55 betas quite soon. Also I see facebook is profiling itself quite aggressively recently as a good place for "product" pages, so here are FB pages for both apps:

Speedometer for iPhone/iPad: https://www.facebook.com/iphone.ipad.speedometer/
Compass 55: https://www.facebook.com/compass55/

In addition to documentation pages and star button in the apps, FB hopefully can become a good communication channel in the future.


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