Friday, June 16, 2017

Compass 55 iPhone/iPad land nav app version 1.8 released.

Version 1.8 is out in the wild! Here is what's new at a glance: 
● New to the common map settings is a "Pointer" section that allows you to pick from 5 pointer types for the main map (car, airplane, boat, triangle, default).
● Map settings screen now has a section offering to show/hide a course line, configure its length and number of marks.
● Map settings screen adds an option to disable or enable waypoints grouping on a map.
● (Pro Pack) Track can now be pinned to the Google map as well.
● (Pro Pack) Use existing Rmaps, sqlitedb, mbtiles maps in the app. Prepare or use your existing maps from MOBAC and TileMill.
● UTM. Support for both "hemisphere" and "latitude band" formats.
● In the map "browse/edit" mode (when you disable map centering):
You can now search on the map by waypoint.
Red arrow tool bar at the map bottom allows to move in bearing/distance and copy red arrow coordinate.
Complete information:…/speedohelp/landnav/v18


Imported map created previously in MOBAC based on Chartlebundle tiles:

New map pointer options:

Optional course line on a map:

With configurable length and number of marks:

Option to pin/unpin track directly in the map settings:

New options for the red arrow "plus" button. Move in direction and bearing and copy coordinate:

Plus button allowed to drop or edit waypoint at the red arrow location. Now plus button gives more options and is being more explicit about its actions:

UTM. Support for "hemisphere" and "latitude band" formats.

And a whole lot more new options, functions and improvements!

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