Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Compass 55. Version 1.9.1 is now in the AppStore. What's new?

Tiny, but hopefully useful compass on all maps. More options for the "navigate - search/browse" button.

While unifying all maps in the app, it was important to provide a unified map compass experience as well. Here is how this tiny map compass looks:

As part of this work I also changed the default behavior of the button that compass is shown around. Previously this button would just switch between "navigate" mode - when map would follow your location and direction of travel and "search/browse" mode - when you can search on the map, browse and create/edit objects. 

By default, this button now opens options for showing/hiding objects on a map, plus switching between "navigate" and "search/browse" mode:

 If you think that old way of switching between navigate and search/browse modes was more convenient, you can use map settings to revert the behavior to a one tap switch:

Option to edit/move waypoint directly on the main screen

In map search/browse mode, tap on a waypoint to reveal new option: Move:

Now you can move the map until red arrow points to the new waypoint location:

Screen elements to highlight here:

#1 - Waypoint that is being edited.
#2 - Red line from the original waypoint location to the new location.
#3 - Red arrow (in map center) showing new waypoint location.
#4 - Waypoint course/angle button. Shows/hides waypoint course/angle editor. In the image above course/angle editor is a gray circle around the new waypoint location. Tap anywhere in that gray circle to set waypoint approach angle/course. Tapping on this button #4 will hide the angle editor.
#5 - New in version 1.9.1 - geo coded address of a map center.

Bottom left red arrow button also gives you more options from version 1.9.1:

- Move to the current location
- Show/hide red arrow (map center) details. Red arrow details are: coordinates, distance from the current location, map or red arrow angle, geo coded address.

Use Cancel or Done buttons to cancel or confirm the waypoint move.

Select multiple waypoints to delete

Use "Select" button in the waypoints list screen to enable multiple waypoints selection:

Pick waypoints:
And use right bottom delete button to delete the selected points.

Select multiple waypoints to export (PRO)

Same as above, use "Select" button in the waypoints list, select waypoints and use left bottom Action button to export the selected waypoints.

Single waypoint export (PRO)

When you tap on a waypoint's annotation on a map and use Share option or when you use Share option from the waypoint editor screen, there is an extra option present - Export. This allows to export a single waypoint.

Google map option for all map screens (PRO)

Until now Google map was only available for the main map screen - all other map screens used either Apple or Custom/Offline maps. This update brings Google map as the first class citizen to all map screens:

Waypoint editor, Track viewTrip tracks.

Only one feature that Google map doesn't support - coloring tracks by speed or altitude. You'll have to switch to Apple or Custom/Offline maps to use this feature, as before.

KMZ import for waypoints (PRO)

Support for KMZ import of waypoints. As KMZ export also packs photo and audio attachments for waypoints, this way allows you to transfer waypoints from one device to another without loss of any specific to the app information.

This is it for version 1.9.1, I'm back to adding new features for the next version! If you like the app and would not mind supporting it, please review or rate the app. As easy as tapping here and leaving me a few words! Yours, Stan, the dev.

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