Saturday, August 4, 2018

New app - Planimeter 55. Measure area, perimeter and distance on your iPhone and iPad.

Measure distance, perimeter and area on a map. Add stand alone points to understand better what is where on a map. Share and export your projects.

Planimeter app will be useful for measuring construction sites, roofs, lawns, fences, paving, pools, parking lots, fields and paths. Or even for just putting stand alone points on a map.

Where this planimeter app stands out?

- Precise control of the planned/measured area. As you move a map, the app will show you what area/distance is going to be and what would be the size of adjacent lines. Even before you add a new point.

- Native Google maps support adds extra zoom-in ability for satellite and hybrid maps.

- Every point can have its own color and have text, audio and image attached.

- You can move point directly on a main map screen (tap on a point and pick Move option) or in the dedicated point editor screen. Again, before you confirm the move you know perfectly what the resulting area/perimeter/distance will be.

- You can hide/show shapes and point collections. This way you can focus only on what is important for the current project.

- Flexible units of measurement allow you to configure when display of feet or meters changes to miles and kilometers. Same for area units.

- Custom url, offline and import maps. Apple maps and Google maps are built into the app. And then, you can add other maps. The app supports adding custom url maps, downloading offline maps or importing maps (mbtiles, sqlitedb) that you might have crafted on your PC or Mac.

- Kmz export and import option allows to transfer shapes and point collections in their entirety, including images and audio notes. This allows you to continue working on your project on different devices.

Basic version allows you to create unlimited number of points and temporary measurement shapes (areas or routes), so you can measure with no limits. To add a new shape to measure, you just discard the previous one.

Pro pack upgrade adds:

- Google and custom url, offline, imported maps support. Google maps adds extra zoom ability for satellite and hybrid maps.
- Ability to save multiple point collections/shapes.
- Import and export for a single point and whole shapes/collections.
- Saving and sharing a map snapshot, the one that shows only the objects that you created on a map - buttons and tools removed.

Pro Pack upgrade is a one off upgrade, no subscription or recurring charges are involved.

Wishing your happy measuring with Planimeter 55 app!

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