Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Work on iOS 13 Dark vs Light modes is in progress!

One of the great things that iOS 13 is bringing to users is a Dark mode. This is especially good for the driving apps. E.g. my speedometer 55 app is all dark already as I'd assume that dark and high contrast is something users would want in their cars.

While speedometer was intrinsically dark, one bright white thing that was popping out to users were popups. This is now going to change and if you'll have Dark mode applied for iOS 13, apps' popups will be darker as well.

I had to adjust the default popups background color though as being by default just black -  they were not mixing well with the very dark underlying screens. To distinguish dismissible screens, I also assigned them a bit lighter navigation bar background:

Hope you'll like these adjustments when switching between Dark and Light modes in iOS 13.

Btw: Compiled with iOS 13 beta is already available, just drop me a line to if you want to download it.

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