Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Version 1.9.10 of Speedometer 55 PRO is in the AppStore and adds new customization options.

From version 1.9.10 you can customize what readings to show or which buttons to have in the map or speed screen corners (upper left/right)To customize corners, tap on "⋮" buttons in top left/right corners.

Let me highlight some of the new options:

GPS tracking controls and countdown timer:

Stop watch and master sound on/off:

Distance to a waypoint and altitude:

Dual countdown timer:

This is made with Australian truck drivers in mind and allows to switch between Drive/Rest timers to help staying within legal requirements for driving/resting times. Huge thanks to Chris (AU) for driving timers part through its implementation!

GPS tracking controls and "new photo waypoint" + "new waypoint":

By default settings button and feedback button are pre-installed in the screen corners. If you go for something else in these corners, you can always use a MENU button > Settings or Feedback to access these screens.

Options you select are separate for the speed and map screens, furthermore options for the map "follow me" and "browse/edit" modes are separate as well. If you want to have same tools/readings there, just pick the same ones. This allows you to have the most appropriate tools/readings per each occasion.

Please explore and feel free to suggest what else can be added as new corner options.

More information: Customizable corner panels.

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