Tuesday, March 31, 2020

GPS Camera 55. Version 2.0 now in the AppStore for iPhone and iPads.

What's new?

Optimizations for iOS 13.4.

Apple has fixed a few bugs in iOS 13.4 and we were able to either optimize from our side or remove some workarounds.

Change to default ordering of points in points list + date sort options.

Previously, points in the list were ordered by the date of their last update. Whenever you'd update anything on the point, it would jump to the top of the list and this was causing some confusion.

Thus, I'm taking the liberty to change the default date sort order to "Created at". If you are used to the old style of sorting, set the default order back to "Last update" - this is remembered as your preference then.

This doesn't apply for Nearby type of filtering and it still orders points by proximity.

Customization settings for the photo notes editor. 

Settings > Photo notes editor:

Option to open photo notes editor as the first step of a photo preview after capture.

Set to NO by default, but if you find yourself forgetting to edit/review notes for the photo before or after capture, this new option is for you. It only work if your Capture settings are set to Preview after the capture, not to Save. 

Credit for suggesting this feature goes to Dwayne (Canada).

Option to customize format of a photo automatic title.

By default, photo title is pre-populated with date and time in the format of ddMMMyy HH:mm. From this version you can change this default format to match your business needs.

For example, format as 'DAY'DD'YEAR'yy-HHmmss will result in the following auto title:

Where DD stands for the day of the year (22-March-2020 was the day when auto title above was generated and it was 82th day of year 2020).

To show something that is not date/time related in the auto title you'll have to separate these parts with single quotes, like 'DAY' part above. In this way, you can setup anything of your own in the automatic title.

You can read more on Title customization here.

Need more customizations for the title or other fields? Please let us know!

Filling metadata IPTC Object Name field with Original or Stamped hint.

Thanks to Dwayne (Canada) for requesting this feature. Now IPTC Object Name is populated with either "Original_" or "Stamped_" prefix plus capture date, so you can distinguish easily between original and stamped images based on metadata:


  • Added a confirmation popup before deleting multiple selected points in points list.
  • Point collection editor is not capitalizing every word in the collection name anymore.
  • Using WMM 2020 magnetic declination model. This is used for establishing true/magnetic north angle from magnetic/true in the exif gps data on import from the photo library.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the bug when "PDF report" sharing menu would not be open on iPads with iOS 13.3+.
  • Fixed the bug when TIFF and IPTC comment metadata fields were not updated on the original photo when image notes were changed via photo notes editor.
  • Fixed the bug when changes to photo notes at the image preview stage were not propagated to the "global" photo notes settings to apply to the future photos by default.

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