Monday, August 10, 2020

Speedometer 55 - version 2.0.3 for iPhones and cellular iPads. PRO + FREE.

 The most recent version: 2.0.3 fixes some bugs for the users on 12 hours (am/pm) time format. But don't forget to check the GPS beacon function!

GPS Beacon (PRO).

When enabled, GPS beacon allows you to share a link with others to track your real-time location in any web browser. Even when enabled, GPS beacon only functions (sends data to a server at regular intervals) when you record a track in the app (e.g. MENU > NEW TRACK starts a new track recording).

Here is what someone with a link to your beacon might see:

Locations list at the bottom is synchronized with the map. Scroll through locations to have them focused on the map with a light blue dot.

There is also a "Points" switch on the beacon web page. When switched on, it enables you to tap on any point on your "track" and see the corresponding location point in the list:

The idea for the GPS beacon is to enable leaving a breadcrumb for your loved ones, only when needed.

You can read more on configuring and switching the beacon on/off here: GPS Beacon.

Option to show route connection points as small dots (PRO).

This was a popular request, great to have it implemented!

To enable, open map settings > common settings and down to the bottom you'll find a new "Annotations" section to set this up.

Option to order points list by the date of creation (descending), instead of a date of the last update (PRO).

By default, points in the list are ordered by the date of their last update. Whenever you'd update anything on the point, it would jump to the top of the list and this might not be the best default for all scenarios. From version 2.0 you can change default order to point creation date. To change, tap on the filter button in the points list and pick "Created" as a sort by field:

Camera tool - filling metadata IPTC Object Name field with Original or Stamped hint (Free + PRO).

Thanks to Dwayne (Canada) for requesting this feature. Now IPTC Object Name is populated with either "Original_" or "Stamped_" prefix plus capture date, so you can distinguish easily between original and stamped images based on metadata:

Improvements (PRO).

  • Added a confirmation popup before deleting multiple selected points in points list.
  • Point collection editor is not capitalizing every word in the collection name anymore.
  • Using WMM 2020 magnetic declination model.
  • Showing magnetic declination with a decimal point accuracy.
  • Improved algorithm for showing tracks on a Google map.
  • Improved GPX tracks import, especially for drones where instantaneous speed is often written directly into the trkpt element and speed can't be reliably deduced from the distance and timing between distinct trkpt points.

Bug fixes (Free + PRO).

  • Fixed an issue with some sharing options not being properly presented for iPads on iOS 13.3.
Camera tool:
  • Fixed the bug when TIFF and IPTC comment metadata fields were not updated on the original photo when image notes were changed via photo notes editor.
  • Fixed the bug when changes to photo notes at the image preview stage were not propagated to the "global" photo notes settings to apply to the future photos by default.

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